Long Distance Phone Cards

With the advancement in telecom sector it is now possible to have uninterrupted communication across the various continents, countries and cities. However, sometimes the cost of communication troubles the individuals who need to make overseas or domestic calls. Understanding the unique needs of the callers, our web site has been designed to cater to the needs of the people who need to make calls within a country or to other regions in the world.

Our web site presents the wide selection of long distance calling cards from Ontario Phone Cards - one of the independent and the reputed distributors of the online calling cards in Canada catering to a large community of callers who wish to communicate to their associates, friends or family living inside or outside Canada. Being an independent distributor, the range of the online phone cards at Ontario Phone Cards is not limited to a few brands or the companies dealing the online calling cards. Rather, this e-store features the genuine service providers and their versatile products.

Canada boasts a large community of the immigrants who make use of the long distance phone cards in order to get in touch with their loved ones back at home. The cards used by the majority of the immigrants or others to make calls to other countries from anywhere in Canada and USA? are referred to as the online overseas calling cards. However, the types of the online calling cards that are used to make calls within Canada and USA? referred to as the domestic online calling cards. One of the best attributes of buying the online calling cards from the genuine e-shops like Ontario Phone Cards is that it provides authentic information to the customers regarding the hidden charges and the fees. There are many benefits of using the online phone cards with hidden fees. These cards provide an effective way to place calls in the countries with high per minute rates. The individuals make use of the online phone cards with hidden fees to enjoy maximum benefits when calling to high per minute countries that include; Iran, Pakistan, UAE, Lebanon, Jamaica and many more.

When selecting the online phone cards with hidden charges for these countries at Ontario Phone Cards, customers are also provided with the options of selecting the cards according to their versatile calling needs which may include; few calls, multiple calls, fees apply and service providers. Other country specific options in the online calling cards available at long-distance-phone-cards.ca include:

a) Iran: Iran calling cards, Iran-Mobile, Iran-Premium, Iran-Premium-Mobile, Iran-Tehran
b) Pakistan: Calling cards to Pakistan, Pakistan-Islamabad, Pakistan-Karachi, Pakistan-Lahore, Pakistan-Mobile
c) Philippines: Calling cards to Philippines, Philippines-Manila, Philippines-Mobile, Philippines-Mobile Globe
d) UAE: UAE Calling cards for United Arab Emirates-Mobile
e) Lebanon: Calling cards for Lebanon, Lebanon-Mobile
e) Jamaica: Calling cards for Jamaica, Jamaica-Mobile

The online phone cards used to make overseas calls from Canada to these and other high per minute rate countries offer unlimited advantages which include, cost effective charges, better talk-time, better voice quality, no billing statements and controlled costs etc.